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Guide To Buying Wine Year Round

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The Ideal Times to Buy Wine

Jessica Altieri | CEO | Wine Channel TV Media


Summer time is all about being outdoors, firing up the grill, taking a dip in the pool, relaxing and enjoying life at a nice pace. When summer approaches, you can expect cool, refreshing, fruity sensations to hit every wine store. To be honest, that is what every wine lover wants in summer; to enjoy a nice cool and refreshing wine.

You can easily find many bottles of Pinot Noir, Gazela, Rosé wines, Shiraz and Merlot in the summer. Although many tend to prefer white wine in the summer, the truth is that Merlots, Pinot Noirs and Shiraz varieties go really well with grilled meat. There are even some great white Pinot Noirs out there.

This is one of the biggest reasons why people still have red wines in summer. You could also try a Sauvignon Blanc or even chilled Sangria as they work great to cool the palate. Sangria works great with summer snacks such as nachos and chips, and perks up a good salad with white meat.


Autumn is the time where leaves change their color and the weather starts to change. This goes hand-in-hand with wine too. Autumn wines are all about enjoying life and making a transition from cool wines to more full-bodied and rich wines.

In the autumn months, you can easily find bottles of Pinot Blanc, Zinfandel, Beaujalois Nouveu, Chardone, cabernet sauvignon, Sherry and Shiraz. It’s a great time to try something new.


The winter season is a great time to learn how to pair wines. The wines you choose to drink in winter will greatly depend upon the dishes you serve. Generally, red wines are highly preferred during winter with red meat. The supply and demand levels are so high that you will probably find constant deals on them.

Wines that you drink in autumn can generally be used in winter as well. Great winter wines include Pinot Noir, Rioja, Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and even a rich red wine known as a Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot. These rich reds are usually preferred due to the warm and hearty meals that are generally served during winter.


Spring is all about warming up, renewal etc – and your palate does exactly the same. However, one similarity between autumn and spring wines is that they are both transitional in nature. Spring wines are usually earthy in nature with grassy and herbaceous notes.

During spring, you will most likely prefer more balanced wines, such as Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Rosé and even woody classic merlots. These wines have less sugar in them and balance really well on the palate.

One thing to note is that white wines become more preferred during spring. This is because of their balanced taste and, in most cases, their earthy notes.


Whenever a festive season approaches, you can expect to see varied drop in prices of wine. These prices usually reflect the amount of wine that will be drunk over the holiday. Always be on the lookout for great holiday deals during all the important holidays of the year. Remember, these sales are on regardless of whether the festival is religious or just plain old festive.


A great time to buy wine is over the weekend. These are times when wine is heavily consumed and is hence sold rapidly. Most of these sales can vary from 10-20% off, allowing casual drinkers to enjoy that little bit more wine over the weekend.

Moreover, there is something special about holiday sales that differentiate them from normal sales. Holiday sales usually include more expensive and festive wines. This is because most people celebrate the holidays with fervor and style and hence drink more expensive wine over the holiday. It’s also when more champagne will be bought and sold, a natural time of the year to celebrate. Which of course, there is absolutely no problem with!

However, there are some festivals such as Saint Patrick’s Day where plenty of wine is drunk and not necessarily expensive wine. Also, the typical Guinness beer is a big competitor for wine on this day! During these times, many cases of more affordable wine are drunk in larger quantities.

Beaujalois Nouveu in November

Good old Beaujalois Nouveu is a wine that only comes for a few days in November. In fact, it is usually released on the third Thursday of November, usually known as Beaujalois Nouveu Day. Beaujalois Nouveu is a great wine for winter and it is not easy to buy as it’s so extremely popular.