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Wine and Water Expert

Event Producer ● Social Media Expert ● Water Sommelier ● Sommelier ● Digital Marketing Strategist ● Speaker ● Author

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HOW I DO IT: I am a wine lover, certified water sommelier, wine professional, wine judge, wine expert , and digital media executive who promotes wine brands and wine lifestyle brands. I am a pioneer in the world of digital wine sales and promotions. I offer sales driven social media engagement, video campaigns, and live event management and activation.

Sommelier Experience

  • Curated Wine Event Development
  • Charity Wine Development
  • Classic Wine Service Expertise
  • Food & Wine Pairings
  • List Creation
  • Regional Expertise:  France – Italy - New Zealand – Argentina - Greece – Spain - Portugal - USA
  • Staff Education
  • Understanding of Viticulture & Winemaking
  • Wine Knowledge
  • Wine Ordering

"A vibrant, dynamic & charming wine expert, Jess brings joie de vivre, excitement and exuberance to the wine world. She is a grand host that will open many cellar doors!"  - Jean-Charles Boisset | Boisset Family Estates

Create A Tasting Experience.

Imagine having an acclaimed sommelier personally walk you through the new world of wine, showing you perfect pairings and granting you inside access to world-renowned vineyards and winemakers. Experience the adventure of traveling from France to New Zealand to the Napa Valley, all through your eager palate. Taste the difference between varietals and learn the history of Champagne. Meet the winemakers through a virtual experience that brings the vineyard to you. And, more importantly, fall in love with the wine lifestyle and join us in a new age for wine. Let's talk about a Tasting Experience opportunity.

Your Next Event Host.

Big or small, I've hosted and promoted organizations and brands around the globe, such as the Italian Trade Commission and the The Saratoga Wine & Food and Fall Ferrari Festival, or the award winning upscale  "Sip & Shop" event on the north Shore of Chicago. I'll get your audience involved with "Live Wine Experience" shows, drive attendees with high powered digital campaigns and promote wine lifestyle brands such as Nordstrom, Prada, Tiffany, The North Face, and more. Talk to me about your next event and creating a memorable wine lifestyle happening.

WHAT I DO: I help wine brands, wine PR firms, and wine lifestyle brands position their products in front of targeted audiences to promote engagement, brand awareness, and sales by creating dynamic social media lifestyle campaigns as well as live events and promotions.

HOW I DO IT: I am a wine lover, wine professional, wine judge, wine researcher, wine expert , and digital media executive who promotes wine brands and wine lifestyle brands. I am a pioneer in the world of wine lifestyle “edutainment.” I offer social media engagement, video campaigns, and branded content.

• Winemakers
• Retail Executives
• Marketing & PR executives
• Wine lifestyle partners – hotels, fashion, travel

WHY IT WORKS: My quality content and promotions have generated over 350K social media followers. 

WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: I have been creating, producing, and publishing wine lifestyle media for over nine years. I am polished in front of the camera as a host and brand ambassador, and accomplished off the camera as a researcher and social media strategist. A certified sommelier and highly sought after wine judge, I have traveled the world extensively to explore winemaking regions and meet with winemakers and vintners.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: "A vibrant, dynamic & charming wine expert, Jess brings joie de vivre, excitement and exuberance to the wine world. She is a grand host that will open many cellar doors!" - Jean-Charles Boisset | Boisset Family Estates

"Infectious personality, energetic, wine smart and tells it as it is - just what all wine consumers need with such a vast array of wines to choose from." - Alastair Maling MW | Villa Maria

HOW IT WORKS: Visit to see more of our brand promotion, social media marketing, and sponsorship opportunities, and learn more about Jess at

READY TO TALK? Reach out to me directly or email me at media (at) wctvnetwork (dot) com or visit

Top 40 Wine Influencer 2018

Mobile and digital video and picture campaigns are a must today to connect and engage with millennials. With over 300K+ "wine fans" on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, I can breathe new life into your brand and customer engagement overnight. I pioneered the first "Live Wine Experience" for National New Zealand Wine Day, with over 25 high-end New Zealand wine brands, 200 in-studio guests at the Kenmore Live Studio in Chicago and a worldwide audience engaging on social media with winemakers and bloggers around the world. Let's talk about an innovative digital campaign for you and your brands today!

Wine Region Media Journalist.

As Executive Producer for the Wine Channel TV Network, I create and cover innovative stories for wine regions, winemakers, and wine lifestyle brands around the globe. I've worked with over 120 wine brands over the past 5 years, traveled to major wine regions in Austria, Argentina, Greece, New Zealand, Sicily,Tuscany, France, Napa Valley, Sonoma, Washington, Oregon and New York. I work with some of the world's leading groups and Trade Associations, including the Italian Trade Commission, New Zealand Government, Assovini Sicilia, French Ministry Agriculture and more. In 2015, I've had the pleasure of covering Robert Mondavi, Biltmore Winery and more. Lets talk about an innovative wine region media campaign.

Innovative Speaking Engagements.

Need a speaker? I've had the pleasure of speaking at various wine and food lifestyle events, including VINO 2015, Italian Wine Week, the largest Italian Wine Exhibition outside Italy. In the Spring of 2015, I created and led a VIP upscale NFL Draft Viewing Event in Chicago for the exclusive launch of the 2015 Bentley Mulsanne Speed with lifestyle partners Bentley, Laurent-Perrier, Vince Camuto, Nordstrom, Prada and others. Let's talk!

Let's Talk.

Please let me know how we might collaborate on an opportunity or challenge. Feel free to send me a note or contact my media team at: media at wctvnetwork dot com.

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Water Sommelier Jessica Altieri

Water Sommelier Jessica Altieri