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The One Wine To Not Order on Valentines Day

Jessica AltieriComment

It's a lazy way out of ordering wine on Valentine's Day.  That may work with a work colleague or friend. On any other day. There is generally no "story" behind this wine. Google it and see what you find. After dinner, the last thing you want to hear is your date telling a friend that you ordered this "five-letter" wine.

You are at the "moment of truth". The waiter has given you the wine list, your date sits across the table from you looking for your sensual and thoughtful wine selection. You are looking up and down the wine list and you want to take the easy way out. It's a five letter word, but don't say it. Don't do it. 

What's worse, it's usually served in a "carafe". No wine label to look at. No reading of a wine label. No intimate discussion. You will never see a "selfie" of this wine with you and your date. No "overrated" smelling of a cork. It's like a hotel room you enter with all white paint and no wall coverings.
It's Valentines' your homework...research the restaurant wine list 'before" you get there. Better yet, ask for help. It will matter on this day.
Run away from this wine on this day. Still not sure:  __ __ __ __ __  wine. here you go....   

here you go....