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Tastes of Greece Summer

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Greek Wine Sourced from the Heart of Crete

On Thursday July 27, 2017 Wine Channel TV and Formento’s hosted the Tastes of Greece wine event featuring wines from Douloufakis Winery and Diamond Wine Importers.

“I am the third generation of winemakers, following in the footsteps of my Grandfather, and Father. The Wine for me is much more than a simple word. It is my profession, my hobby, my pleasure. Engaged with wine, I am a part of a tradition and a culture that counts more than four thousand years in this place.” Nikos Douloufakis

The ancient Greeks considered wine as an integral part of their lives. Dionysus was the god of wine and feasts were organized in his honour. They had devised many myths associated with wine. The enormous economic importance of wine in ancient timesled tolegislative protection. In the museum of Thassos there is a law engraved in marble from the5th century BC whichis considered the first wine law and it regulated issues concerning the harvest and sales. The earliest written evidence for transporting wine by sea is given by Homer in the Iliad. The ancient Greeks aswine lovers   used a wide variety of vessels associated with the use and transfer of thewinesuch as amphoras, craters, cups, kantharousetc.

Formento’s and Wine Channel TV are giving Chicago area wine drinkers a reason to celebrate with the Sips of Summer wine events in the dynamic Fulton Market District of Chicago! This series of wine events focuses on different regions around the world, and offers Chicagoans an opportunity to interact directly with wine producers. Visit Wine Channel TV for more videos on the featured wines at the Sips Of Summer featured event: Tastes of Greece.