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What Is A Water Sommelier?

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Meet Jessica Altieri Certified Water Sommelier

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What is a water sommelier?

Imagine having an acclaimed sommelier personally walk you through the new world of water, showing you perfect pairings and granting you inside access to world-renowned water regions and sources, just like when you order a fine bottle of wine. Think of the adventure of traveling from France to Norway to Italy, all through your eager palate. Dream of tasting the difference between different types of mineral water, learning the history of the water regions and, more importantly, falling in love with the luxury water lifestyle. A water sommelier helps you do all of this, taking water appreciation to a new level.

Wine Expert Becomes One of Few Certified Water Sommeliers in the World

Acclaimed sommelier and digital media executive, Jessica Altieri is expanding her food and beverage expertise this season, becoming one of the world's first certified water sommeliers. Water sommeliers just began being certified in 2015 and there are still just a handful of these water experts in the world, most of whom are men.

About Jessica Altieri

Jessica Altieri is a wine expert and sought-after wine judge and was recently named as one of the "40 under 40" to watch in the food and beverage industry by "Wine Enthusiast" magazine. Altieri is the CEO of The Wine Channel TV Network and hosts a popular wine podcast on Revolver called "Wine Conversations with Jessica Altieri." She has been a lifestyle contributor to CNBC, Yahoo! News, ABC7 Chicago and ESPN Radio, among others.