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Luxury Sip with Penfolds Winemaker Peter Gago

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What could be better than a trip to an exotic location known to have one of the most sophisticated wine markets in the world? A 3-day adventure in the heart of Hong Kong along celebrated wine expert Jessica Altieri, of course!

Yes, you read that right. CEO and wine expert from Wine Channel TV, Jessica Altieri is teaming up with Penfolds to lead fans and viewers on an extraordinary journey amongst the sights and tastes of Hong Kong. Penfolds Winery is one of Australia’s oldest wineries, with a decades-old legacy of diversity and craftsmanship, and their collaboration with wine expert Jessica Altieri is certain to be an event worth tuning in.

Penfolds unveiled a new wine born from Grange DNA and you can see the “First Sip” here with Jessica Altieri, wine expert with Wine Channel TV from Hong Kong. Jessica Altieri and Wine Channel TV were onsite in Hong Kong on October 18, 2017 for the worldwide release of special wine blended from three Grange vintages spanning seven years, aptly named Penfolds g3.

Penfolds released a special wine blended from three Grange vintages spanning seven years, aptly named Penfolds g3. A Penfolds first, these vintages of 2008, 2012 and 2014 (a vintage to be globally released in 2018), energetically entwine to create a completely unique Grange expression.

Jessica has been recognized as one of Wine Enthusiast’s Top 40 Under 40 Tastemasters in 2016, and her name has already become synonymous with some of the best wines across the world. Her innovative approach and likable personality have made her an all-time viewers’ favorite and her 3-day journey to Hong Kong is a dream come true for any wine enthusiast around the globe. Jessica will sample some of the signature dishes of Asia’s most sophisticated wine market and provide her fans with an opportunity to follow in her footsteps as she explores the megapolis.

Already excited? You better be! Jessica Altieri teaming up with Penfolds for an exclusive 3-day trip around Hong Kong promises to be the wine event of the year, so tune in and experience the fantastic views, smells and flavors the city has to offer along with one of the world’s best-recognized wine experts!