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Wine TV Hotel Bar Review with Jessica Altieri

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Jessica Altieri - CEO  Wine Channel TV

The wine bar at Le Boutique Hotel in the famous city of Bordeaux in France will make sure you get the entire Bordeaux experience. The Boutique Hotel Bordeaux was made to provide a sense of calm and appeal to your love of beautiful things while also portraying friendliness, it is just like a jewel in the center of Bordeaux no to mention it is a haven of peace.

You are also welcomed to an entirely unique sensory adventure and taste the wine at the Boutique Hotel Bordeaux’s wine bar. You can share a good time as well as your passion for wine with your loved ones; all of this will be accompanied by cold cuts, cheese and tapas all of which are made by distinguished producers in the region: Farmyard Castelanau Rion and Pierre Oteiza. Feel free to consult the Restaurant’s map. The Boutique Hotel Bordeaux’s sommelier, Martin Santander explains that his goal is to discover new wines to make sure that as a customer you will be surprised by the selection. He also stated that even the people who are regulars will find that they enjoy the delight of the continuous renewal of the cellar at the wine bar at the Boutique Hotel Bordeaux.

There is a wide selection of wines and their menu represents the Bordeaux vineyards’ diversity. It is frequently updated and it constantly has a collection of a hundred wines to choose; from sparkling wines to champagnes, roses, dry and sweet as well as red wines. You will also get to see a map of card Whites Wine, Red Wines and Champagne.

The Boutique Hotel Bordeaux wine bar was passionately brought to life by Sommelier Martin Santander and he also invites guests to his Wine Bar Discovery Tour on which one is assisted in discovering a fun way to pair an appetizer with an original wine. The simple principle behind it is that anyone can book whenever they want; be it with colleagues after a long day at work, with friends or even alone. For the curious at heart, they can come and partake in a fun and a friendly experience daily from 6 pm. Other animations of the wine bar include the Sunday Brunch, ‘Evening Concerts’ on every third Thursday of the month and ‘Vignerons Evenings’ on every first Thursday of the month. 

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