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The Viagra Triangle: Chicago Million Dollar Sip Experience

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The Viagra Triangle: Enter Chicago’s hottest neighborhood


Chicago is one of the most exciting and buzzing destinations in the United States. The Windy City is known for its diverse cultural landscape, as well as for its incredibly active night life. In particular, the Gold Coast area is well known for it’s history of luxury. The neighborhood used to be a former haven for the city’s richest. The wealthy and the powerful of the 50s had their homes there, but eventually the area turned into a night life district, with bars, clubs, restaurants and other attractions coming to the light.

In recent years, the area has acquired the rather funny nickname of “The Viagra Triangle”.

The district owes its names to the fact that many older, wealthier gentlemen use to scour the bars, restaurants and clubs around the triangle in order to look for young ladies to accompany them. Most people poke fun at the age difference, implying that these older gentlemen wouldn't be able to “seal the deal” without a little help from a certain little blue pill!

Hooking up aside, there are many exciting things to do in the Viagra Triangle, including experiencing some of the best wine and food in the City!