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Invasion of The Wine Superstore

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Americas New Wine Superstores

The Largest Wine Stores by Location

Let’s take a look at the largest wine stores across America’s 5 biggest cities:

New York

Astor Wine and Spirits is the largest wine store in NYC. With a huge selection of high quality and affordable wines, you can always find something to suit a discerning palate or special occasion.

Los Angeles

The Wine House is definitely the place to go in this lively city. Easily the largest wine superstore in Los Angeles, you’ll find yourself like a kid in a candy store. Not only is their selection incredible, but their fantastic staff will be more than happy to help you pick the right one for that lunch, dinner or casual glass.


One of the biggest names here is Walgreens and its flagship store in Chicago. Not only is the Walgreen’s wine selection large, but the quality is consistently high. From classic wine, affordable wine to elaborate, more expensive wine, Walgreens has it all.  You’re guaranteed to be spoilt for choice – and you’ll even find wines that require no occasion at all! Mariano’s Fresh Market is a fast growing lifestyle store that is also taking Chicago by storm.


Houston presents a great chain of stores for you to get a great bottle of something special. Spec’s is the place to go - not only do they have a very large collection of wines under any one roof, there is always ample space to move throughout the store. Perfect when you’re in a rush to bring a dinner party together!


The Wine and Spirits Store in Philadelphia is the largest store in Philly. It recently moved a little down the street to an even larger location. This new place has allowed it to store and sell an even more impressive selection of wine – check it out!

The Largest Wine Stores by Brands

I really can’t tell you how many times I have been asked which the biggest wine store in America is. I would do – but in all honesty, you just can’t pinpoint it. Some stores sell over 3000 different wines but will never make as much profit as a store that sells 150 different wines.

That’s right – it’s all about playing the brand game!


If you are a huge fan of wine and enjoy trying out different wines all the time, you’ll love Applejack. It’s one of the most loved wine stores in America. This store is all about the selection – their demographic is broad and ever increasing, and this appeals to all sorts of wine drinkers.


Next up is the retail mogul that is Costco. They are the largest importer of French Wines in America, and it was named as the largest wine retailer in the world back in October 2007. Costco has hundreds of different wine variety that you can also buy in bulk (This, of course, is Costco’s specialty)

Regional Chains

BevMo - California

BevMo is a popular wine store that can be found in abundance in the Golden State. It may not be large in terms of building capacity or brand as many other stores, but the chain does sell over 3000 wines. With a large number of stores across the country, BevMo has become an American favorite.

Binnys - Chicago

Binny’s Beverage Depot is a name that is rapidly becoming synonymous with fine wine, and this humble regional chain sells many a fine wine. Their impeccable selection has won over many loyal customers.

Trader Joes - all over U.S.A

Trader Joes is an upcoming name amongst wine sellers. A respectable selection of high-quality wines, at great prices, makes this regional chain with a great American sound truly organic.

What started as a small store has expanded into a chain of over 365 stores in over 30 states. So no matter where you are, who you are or where you are traveling, you can rest assure that you have great wine within reach. Perfect!

Joe Canals - New Jersey

One of New Jersey’s largest regional chains, Joe Canals sells practically every type of wine you could want – including a fabulous range of European special bottles. One great aspect of Joe Canals is that there is never a time when there is not some sort of sale. Additionally, you can also buy their wine online (always useful!)

House Brands

House brands are becoming increasingly popular, often due to the economic climate we live in, but also because the selection of house wines are becoming more known for great quality. So what may have started purely as affordable wine has now become the personal favorite of millions of Americans.

Most major wine superstores such as Mariano’s, BevMo, Costco, Walgreens and Trader Joes are all manufacturing their own house wines. It is not surprising that there are differences in tastes but, compared to the price, most house wines will be a real winner. Some of the major labels include:

·         Kirkland (Costco)

·         Roundys (Mariano’s)

·         Dahlia (BevMo)

·         Colby Red (Walgreens)

·         Two Buck Chuck (Trader Joes)

·         Oak Leaf (Walmart)