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Wine Storage Guide with Jessica Altieri

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Taking Wine Home and Storage

What to ask for

Taking wine home is not always an easy task. If you transport it the wrong way, you could very well damage your precious wine! There are different ways of taking wine home and storing it. The interesting thing is that it really isn’t that difficult!

In a Box?

One of the most vital questions that most people ask is whether they should transport their wine in a box. If you have the space in your car to transport it, by all means, transport it in a box. This will keep the wine away from sunlight and ensure that it does not sustain any damage during transportation. Keeping it on its side is usually best as that’s how it would be kept in a cellar on a wine rack.

Another reason to want a box to take your wine home in is due to the weather. In summer, it is not a good idea to keep wine in sunlight due to the harshness of the sun as I mentioned before. Sunlight will react with the phenols in the wine and can spoil it, which you definitely need to avoid. This is why it is a good idea to ask for a box when you plan to transport your wine any particular distance.

Chilled or not?

One of the most common questions that most people ask is whether to buy chilled wine or warm wine. The one thing that you need to remember is that wine is usually kept chilled when it is in the store. This is to keep it from warming over too much and spoiling..

How to Transport it Home

When transporting wine, ensure that it is covered. Try to transport it in a box or a cooled bag.

Buying Cases

Scouring for the Right Case

Buying a wine case is never an easy job, trust me! There are a few factors that you have to consider before you make your purchase. These considerations include the duration of storage and your storage location. These two elements will determine the type of case that you’ll purchase.

If you have absolutely no idea of what wine case to buy, you should always go online and look at many user reviews. I’m a real advocate for the internet, and as I have said before, it is a very powerful tool that most people underuse dramatically. If used effectively, it can save you a lot of time and money, not just in terms of wine, but for any reason.

You can always scour Facebook groups and see what cases other people have bought. What may look great to you in the advertisement may actually have a common problem, some sort of batch default. Some bags may have durability problems; a problem not usually listed in an advertisement (well, obviously, who would advertise a glitch!)

By reading the testimonials and reviews of other fellow wine lovers, you will be able to buy the perfect wine case.

How long will you be storing it

The most important question that you have to ask yourself is how long you will be storing your wine? The fact is that the duration of storage is the primary factor determining how expensive or affordable your case is, and should be.

If a case is being sold at a high price, you can rest assured that it will keep your wine cool for a long time. If it is being sold at a low price, the wine case is probably ideal for a few hours only. If you are going to make short trips to a relative’s house or a friends place, it may be a good idea to buy a wine case that will keep your wine chilled for a few hours.

Not only is this ideal, it actually brings the price of the case down significantly! When it comes to wine, always buy a bag that will keep your wine chilled for an hour more than you will actually need it for. If nothing else, you might be enjoying the party a little more than you realize!

Where will you be storing it

So where will you store the wine?

If you are planning to keep it in a place where sunlight reaches the case, it may be a good idea to get a wine case with a shiny surface. This will help reflect sunlight so that the case does not absorb it – it would otherwise destroy your newly bought bottle!

If you are planning to keep the wine case in a place where there is very little sunlight, it is a good idea to forego that shiny UV protection. After all, every layer of protection does add to the cost. If you live in a relatively cold climate, you may just need to keep the bag away from sunlight, nice and simple!