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Winery Tour Outfit Pairings

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What to Wear to the Vineyard

You’ve bought the plane tickets, studied your wine tasting vocabulary, designated your driver and now—what to pack? While there’s no “wine tasting” dress code, it’s possible to completely over dress or come off to casual. This guidance for what to wear wine tasting will ensure a fashion faux pas won’t sabotage your magical time in wine country bliss.

1.      Skip the heels

Grassy pathways and steep terraces aren’t conducive to spiked heels: Think flats or this season’s favorite boot. Most of your day will be spent on your feet exploring vineyards and cellars. Wouldn’t you rather soak in the beauty than seeking out a chair for aching-foot reprieve? Plus, it’s easier to have one glass too many on ground level. Make the smart choice and select your most comfortable footwear.

2.      Light on the make-up

Lipstick stains the glasses. Do you want to leave unsightly marks on each tasting flute you encounter? And skip the perfume. Perfumes inhibit your ability to sniff out each flavor note. The person standing next to you will appreciate the consideration. By your fifth vineyard and after copious tastings, any make-up you decided to apply in the morning will most likely be unattractively smudged or smeared. Au natural compliments the abounding natural beauty experienced in wine country.

3.      Dress it up, keep it classy

How often do you get a chance to get a little dressy? A day in wine country means scenic photos, upscale cellars and swanky tasting rooms. Though many keep it casual, there’s no saying you can’t dress up that favorite pair of jeans or pull out that dust-collecting favorite skirt. And keep it classy: Seductive and provocative don’t pair well with modish tasting rooms. Seek out your highest-quality “effortless beauty” outfit. As for the male wine taster: Pull out your golf course getup, and you’ll be just fine.

4.      Pack layers

The ideal winemaking climate entails warmer, mild weather throughout the day and cooler evenings: You’ll want to layer up. Though it may be a sweaty start, don’t forget the cardigan you’ll be needing later in the tour. Your base layer should be a tank or tee for the heat of the afternoon. Include a secondary layer, cardigan, sweater, flannel or scarf, for the breezy evenings. Pack a blazer or heavier coat for nightfall. Wine tasting in the colder seasons? Wear a heavy overcoat and don’t forget thicker socks to keep those toes warm. Scarves and hats are fun to coordinate.

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