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How A WWII General Helped Create The Rosé Craze in the USA

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Join Wine Channel TV for a featured “Sip Some Puglia” segment with Leone De Castris. Host Jessica Altieri takes you inside the history of this legendary winery and the people who preserve the winemaking legacy of Leone De Castris. Leone De Castris operates in Salice Salentino, a charming, colorful town in southern Apulia, Italy. In 1925, Piero and Lisetta Leone de Castris began bottling wines, ultimately leading to the 1943 introduction of Five Roses—the first rosé wine exported to the United States. Leone De Castris owes it all to American World War II General Charles Poletti fell in love with Five Roses while in Italy.

The history of winemaking at Leone De Castris actually dates back to 1665—making Leone De Castris one of the oldest winemakers in both Italy and the world. While Five Roses is Leone De Castris’ worldwide claim to fame, the wine manager’s favorite bottle to sip at home is their Salice Salentino wine—named after the winemaker’s Italian hometown. Enjoy this spectacular view of the vineyards, lifestyle and people that make Leone De Castris a special “Sip Some Puglia” featured segment. As always, wine is just a conversation waiting to happen. Stay tuned to Wine Channel TV for more exclusive “Sip Some Puglia” featured videos in 2016. Salute!